Farewell to Br. Imran Yusuf

Many community members gathered on Wednesday after Isha prayer to give a surprise farewell to Br. Imran Yusuf who has provided much support and endless effort to the prosperity of this community.


Eidul Fitr Party

Nov-20 Eidul Fitr party.


Br. Saeed Shaikh Articles

Islamic Society of Rutgers University official newspaper (Nasihah) has published one of Br. Saeed Shaikh articles (Taqwa: Sum of All Good) in its Ramadan issue. The newsletter provides a wealth of nice articles about Islam and Ramadan and you can read Br Saeed's interesting article on page 8 of the newsletter.

Eidul Fitr

Nov-14 Eidul Fitr Al-Mubarak on Sunday Nov 14 (Takbeer: 7:30 am, Prayer: 8:30 am) community gathered for breakfast after the prayer.


Ramadan Announcement

Oct-15 The first day of The month of Ramadan will be of Friday Oct, 15 based on the announcement of ISNA and the Shura Council of North America.

Visited Sister Judy

Oct-12 A group of 10 students of the Sunday school visited Sister Judy (Visit the Sick).

Sunday School

Sep- 12 ICNL Sunday school started on Sunday Sep 12 at full speed with over 65 students, currently offering 10 levels starting from pre-k (Ages 4-6) up to the adults class (over 16 years). We are looking forward to an exciting year full of fun and learning insha'Allah.


Sep- 11 ICNL potluck with beautiful sunset at the Thames river.


August Events

Aug- 29 ICNL Sunday school Orientation and Registration day

Aug- 15 Imam Adam Omar resigns as a full time Imam. May Allah reward him for all the work he's done in the community.

Aug- 15 "Knowledge Share" "Knowledge Serve" program.

Aug- 14 ICNL Potluck held on Saturday Aug 14 at 4:00 pm.

Imam Program Update

July- 31 Imam program update: Imam Adam Omar has been working diligently on many programs for kids and adults,The Imam currently is on a 2 week vacation. During which only the Adults class will resume (Mondays and Wednesdays).

BBQ Potluck and Fireworks

July-10 ICNL community BBQ potluck and Fireworks watch on the Thames river.


Graduation Day

June-20 ICNL Sunday School Graduation day (10:30 – 2:00 pm).


Community BBQ Potluck

June-12 ICNL community BBQ potluck in front yard of the Masjid 5:00 pm.


Janazah Prayer

May-3 Our community lost one of its beloved members (Sister Judy) who passed away Monday 3:20 am. She was well known for her devotion and love to Islam and Muslims. Janazah prayer was done at ICNL Masjid and she was buried in Enfield Islamic cemetery. May Allah accepts her in His Jannah, Ameen.

Field Trip

May-2 ICNL Sunday school made a field trip to Madina Masjid Sunday school in S. Windsor, CT. Over 31 students participated along with 15 parents and teachers in this rainy day trip!!!. ICNL Sunday school group was well welcomed by Madina Masjid community and its hosting Sunday school, May Allah reward them. This trip was aimed to build bridges between our communities and give the students an opportunity to socialize with their peers in Windsor. The group departed from Groton at 10:10 am and returned at 2:45 pm.


New Full Time Imam

May-1 ICNL welcomes our new full time Imam (Adam Omar). May Allah benefit us form his knowledge and experience.

Community Potluck

Apr-10 ICNL Community Potluck held on Saturday at 4:30 pm.

Potluck & GAM

Mar-13 ICNL Potluck started at 2:00 pm followed by Elections and ended with the General Assembly Meeting where the previous board presented their achievements and future challenges.

Fence Installation

Mar-12 ICNL Masjid new pictures (After siding work and fence installation)


Feb-28 ICNL held a 2-hour workshop titled: "Leadership Development Planning and Personal Development" By Dr. Imran Ahmed Date: Saturday Feb 28 Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm


Feb-27 List of Nominees has been released for the 2004 Elections. Absentee Ballets announcement.