ICNL Summer Day Camp

ICNL is planning a summer day camp for children from age 4 and up, to keep our children together and continue Islamic teaching insha'Allah. We need to know what families are interested in attending and also if anyone wants to volunteer for part time or full time help.

The program will be 1 1/2 to 2 days per week and provide the children with continued bonding time with other Muslims. We will play games, have storytime, have nature walks, do art projects, etc. All of these activities will also coincide with Qur'anic teachings and Islamic activities as well.

The fee will be $5.00/wk per child and they will need to bring their own lunches. We need to have a number of attendees/volunteers as soon as possible to plan. Please contact Natasha Ahmad at 860-574-0271 or Ajene Ahmad at 860-574-2528.