Eid al-Adha 2014

Taqabbal Allahu Minna Wa Minkum Saleha Al-Amaal
(May Allah accept from you and us the righteous Deeds)

Eid al-Adha will be on Saturday October 4, 2014 / 1435AH.
Eid Prayer will be held @ Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa.
Location: 625 N Rd Groton, CT 06340 (exit 88 off 95 highway; route 117)

Eid Takbeer will start at 7:00 AM. Eid Salat will start at 8:00 AM sharp (no second prayer).

Please arrive early. We have to leave the hotel by 10:00 AM sharp. Do not bring any food or drink (hotel policy). Food and drink will be provided by the hotel. Suggested donation to cover the cost is $25/family and $10-15/person.

Do not forget to offer you Qurbani (Audhiah) $300/Qurbani to be sent overseas anywhere you want (please contact the Imam @ 860-514-7828).

ICNL Sunday School Registration

Registration for Sunday School will be held Sunday, August 31st from 10am-1pm. Please come and register your family.

The 1st day of school will be Sunday, September 14th.

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ICNL Eid Party

The ICNL Eid Party will be held on Sunday, Aug. 10 from 4pm until Maghrib. There will be a BBQ and fun for the kids.

All are invited. Feel free to bring your favorite side dish, drinks or dessert to share.

Eid Mubarak!

UPDATE - Eid prayer will be held on Monday, July 28 at ICNL (not in the park).

Takbir will begin at 7am. Salat ul Eid will begin at 8am with a second prayer following the first.

2014 Ramadan/Iftar Schedule

As salaam alaikum

The Month of Ramadan will start on Sat, June 28. Taraweeh prayer will start Friday night (06/27/14) at Isha time.

Ramadan Prayer Schedule

Iftar Sponsors

We are currently posting Iftar Sponsors for the coming month of Ramadan. Dates highlighted with yellow are sponsored iftars.

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Please send your request to sponsor an Iftar to have it added to the calendar.

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Sunday School Graduation

Sunday School graduation in on Sunday June 8 along with a picnic. It will be held at the Masjid after the Duhr prayer.

Parents/Teacher Meeting

There will be parents/teacher meetings for ICNL Sunday School on Sunday June 1, from 10am to 1pm

All parents are encouraged to attend.

Muslimah Get-A-Way 2014

Masjid Al-Islam(CT) Presents the 5th Annual ...

Muslimah Get-A-Way!

May 9-11, 2014


Camp Washingon
190 Kenyon Rd, Lakeside CT 06758

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New London School Calendar to Recognize Muslim Holidays


Dua Night with Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda

dua nightWe’d like to invite you to join us for a night dedicated to enriching the heart with the gift of calling out to Allah with Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda.

March 21, 2014 Friday: 7pm-10pm
Edmond Town Hall
45 Main St
Newtown, CT

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ICNL Potluck

Bring a dish for the next ICNL Potluck on Saturday, Mar. 22nd Mar. 29th.

UPDATE - date changed due to ICNA-NE convention that weekend.

Healthcare Law Discussion

ICNL to hold a session discussing the new healthcare law and answer any questions that we may have. This will take place on Sunday, January 19th immediately following the Dhuhr prayer after Sunday School, Insha Allah.

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